June 15, 2009

NOW MAGAZINE  has picked us as one of the shows to catch during the Pride Festival!

Here is what they had to say!

Deathwatch this

Pride’s not here for another week or so, but one of the fest’s official events is coming out early. It’s a rarely produced play by French provocateur/literary bad boy Jean Genet.

Deathwatch, like much of Genet’s works, is set in a prison and takes a look at three prisoners. It examines criminal behaviour, survival and masculinity – think Oz in France.

Director Jonathan Seinen and actor Indrit Kasapi, two of the talented artists involved in the SummerWorks 2008 show The Red Devil, are involved in the production, which also stars Cole J. Alvis (Gorey Story) and Ryan Symington (Pimooteewin).

The show begins Wednesday (June 17) and runs to June 20 at XPASE (58 Ossington). $15.

There you go!



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