lemonTree theatre creations

In the increasingly multicultural society of Canada, there are many stories that must find their way onto the stage, where we can tell stories to one another about ourselves as we struggle to define ourselves. lemonTree theatre creations strives to present new and international theatrical creations to a Canadian audience, delving into questions of translation, borders, and community. We aim to be a laboratory of experimentation, combining many media of art, including performance, dance, video, music, and storytelling.

lemonTree theatre creations was established in 2007 by Indrit Kasapi to develop the theatrical piece The Red Devil, which was presented at the Summerworks Theatre FestivalĀ  in August of 2008 (NOW Magazine, Best Ensemble & Best Direction)

Ten Foot Pole Productions

is a theatre company dedicated to telling stories about subjects that polite people wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. We are dedicated to examining these subjects in an accessible way with stories and characters that burn with the truth of human life and passion.

Ten Foot Pole Productions was founded by Toronto writer-artist-producer Rob Salerno and is the primary venue for his written work.

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