Deathwatch centers around three men — Green Eyes, Georgie, and Maurice. Green Eyes is an illiterate, muscled hulk of a man who rules the cell by virtue of his hyper-masculinity.  Georgie, is the intellectual who reads Green Eyes’ girlfriend’s letters and responds to the unseen woman for the illiterate bigger man. Maurice is a slender and handsome youth, who relies on his wit, charm, and good looks to get by in life. He is drawn to Green Eyes’ masculinity for sex and protection, but is also emotionally infatuated with the man. The story is a look into how prison mates vie for status and power via their crimes and how that status is determined by the type and circumstance of the crime. It’s also a look into human nature under extreme conditions showing to what lengths people will go to survive and determine their own destinies.

JUNE 17, 18, 19, 20  @ 8 pm   (and)    JUNE 20 @ 2 pm

In the basement of

XPACE Cultural Centre

58 OSSINGTON AVENUE (North of Queen Street West)

Toronto, ONTARIO

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